Sing With Us

Our marvelous mascots, Boots and Katz, show the advantages of singing with ALP!


Whether you sing, spit beats with your mouth, engineer recordings, or even shoot video,
there are two things, above all others, that you should know about joining ALP:

1) There is no audition to join.  

We do not require an audition clip for membership.   We do, however, require that all applicants have previous singing experience  as a past member of a group/vocal band dedicated to performing contemporary a cappella music.   For the majority of you that qualify, this might be the college group(s) you sang in, but some of you may have sang with a group in high school, with a casual adult group (such as those found in CAL), or even for a group you got paid to sing with.  But you must have past contemporary a cappella experience - our focus is on those who miss singing with a group, and our understanding is that if you've sung in a group previously, you've already proven that you can sing.

2) There is no fee to join

We are not looking to profit off of other singers...we're doing this for the love of singing, and want you to be able to do it as well!   We do not charge a membership fee, nor do we charge a per project fee to participate.

It is possible you may need to purchase or DIY some things to set up your recording space, but we have a checklist for you to review and several tech suggestions, geared towards those with a limited budget, to get you to where you need to be to lay tracks with us.  But feel free to apply if you don't  have everything you need yet - there is time to gather after the fact.

Once your "studio" is set up and we've successfully checked   your tech (we do ask that this is completed within 60 days of applying), we'll have projects for you to sing on. Guaranteed.

Other questions that you may have may be answered in our FAQ, and we recommend you review the FAQ prior to application.
If you have a question not answered anywhere on this website, please contact us  and we will answer any question that you may have!

So if you sing, or beatbox, or even if you have skills in sound engineering or video,
Please click the link below to complete your application!

Someone will be in contact within 72 hours to let you know what your next step is.

Thank you!  We are looking forward to making music with you!


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