Although we are a not-for-profit group, money is essential to what we do, and we don't want to directly charge our members. Therefore, we earn money by offering you the following artistic services.

All money collected goes back into the group to fund our mission.

The things we do to make our music, we can also do for you. All prices below are subject to change based on the specific requirements of each project, including but not limited to timeframe needed.

A Cappella Arrangement *$150 per song (Arr. only)

*$250/song (w/Part Tapes & Rough Mix)

Let an ALP Arranger create a custom a cappella arrangement, be it a cover or your original music. We can also provide you a rough mix and parts mp3s of your song for an additional charge.

Editing and/or Mixing Your Existing A Cappella Recordings *35/hr up to $175 (per service)

If you've already self-recorded your group, we can edit and/or mix your recordings into a cleaner product.

Recording Your Arrangement *$250 (Part Tapes, Rough Mix) *$500 (Part Tapes, Full Mix)

Do you have an arrangement you want to have recorded, but no voices to sing it? We will sing it for you, and provide part tapes with either a demo or a fully realized mix.

Start To Finish Recorded Song *$750 + Mastering

If you want a fully realized song, from arrangement to finished audio, we can do that for you, then take care of having it mastered by an engineer that specializes in a cappella mastering.

Other Creative Work

If you are interested in ALP doing other creative work not outlined above (video, consultations, etc), please contact us using the form below to provide specifics for us to discuss.

Please complete the form below in order to request any of our fundraising services.

If you wish to simply donate to ALP, you may do so on our Support Us page.

*All prices for all services above are subject to several factors, including but not limited to: other work already committed to, your timeframe, our availability, specifics of work requested. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs prior to your request of work done. Prices reflect a combination of experience at the job and the artist(s) willingness to provide the work in service to ALP.