Our Members

This is our ALP family. Both relaxed...and animated!

(Names in Italics/Bold also perform beatbox/VP)

Soprano / Mezzo Soprano

Kris Celario

(California, USA)

Christine Galdi

(Pennsylvania, USA)

Marie Hansen

(Utah, USA)

Taryn Johnson

(Wisconsin, USA)

Nina Pelligra

(Massachusetts, USA)

Alexandra Wallace

(New York, USA)

Lauren Weigand

(New York, USA)


Amy Braverman

(Pennsylvania, USA)

Jennifer Cannon

(Arizona, USA)

Leslie Clarke

(Maryland, USA)

Ericka Nicol

(Pennsylvania, USA)


Jacob Berglin

(Florida, USA)

Meg Leonard

(Nebraska, USA)

Shawn Pearce

(Pennsylvania, USA)

Travis Swinford

(Illinois, USA)

Baritone / Bass

Josh Cole

(Washington, USA)

Christoph Droesser

(California, USA / Germany)

Wes George

(Virginia, USA)

Rob McKeever

(Virginia, USA)

Josh Sholes

(Pennsylvania, USA)

Corey Thur

( Ohio, USA)

Glenn Visscher

(New Jersey, USA)

Khoi Vo

(Pennsylvania, USA)

The Herders

In addition to their specific duties as listed below, these are the people responsible for guiding and shaping group direction and policy

Wes George

(Chairman / Tech Service)

In addition to his leadership responsibilities, Wes is also an Asst. Project Manager (APM Post-Production) and heads up the Tech Support Team

Meg Leonard


Meg is the group's Swiss Army Knife; in addition to creating the fun Videos that go along with our music, she also works with Glenn in both group communications and our social media presence.

Shawn Pearce

(Project Manager)

As Project Manager, Shawn oversees the creative aspects regarding our music, from arrangements to post-production. He also helps to shape the overall vision of a project with our Videographer and the Asst. PMs

Glenn Visscher


In addition to working with Meg in social media and communications, Glenn oversees the groups finances, handles the new members application process and curates our documents and records.


Although not Herders, these individuals have come forward as contributors to ALP in ways other than singing.

This group is consistently involved in the creative leadership of the group in many ways.

  • Leslie Rueff (APM Music, Project Lead)
  • Jenn Cannon, C.J. Smith (Project Lead)
  • Christine Galdi (ASL Interpretation)

These are the people involved in the non-performance areas of the group that help us do what we do

  • Josh Sholes (Tech Support)
  • Nina Pelligra, Sašo Vrabič, Wes George (Post Production)

These volunteers provide valuable assistance to us by giving constructive feedback to our performers as we prepare to record our music.

Jacob Berglin, Jenn Cannon, David Horan, Gillian Fox, Ricky Jabarin, Taryn Johnson, Thomas King, Brian Panulla, Leslie Rueff, Josh Sholes, Michael Smith, Parry Tsai, Glenn Visscher

Past Members / Hiatus

Maria Barille ~ Soprano

(Sao Paolo, Brazil)

Ben Clarke - Tenor

(Maryland, USA)

Gillian Fox - Alto

(Texas, USA)

Caitlin Nelson ~ Soprano

(New York, USA)

Ian Podraza - Baritone/Bass

(Massachusetts, USA)

Leslie Rueff - Soprano

(Virginia, USA)

C.J. Smith - Baritone / Bass / VP

(New York, USA)

Perry Tsai

(Virginia, USA)

Jordan Ullman ~ Baritone / Bass / VP

(New Jersey, USA)

Sašo Vrabič ~ Tenor / VP

(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Rachel Weinstein ~ Soprano

(New York, USA)