Our Story

Learn about our history...and our future.

Who Are We?

We are a collective of alumni of various contemporary a cappella groups. We formed this collective because we love a cappella, but “life” (day job, family, logistics) has made it difficult to continue loving a cappella the way we once did -- by making it ourselves as a member of a group. The seeds of the AcaLumni Project were sown when a number of us were lamenting the lack of a musical outlet despite our best efforts to find a group to call home post-college, and we realized that, to “cover” a certain well-worn intro, we have the technology. We can make music again, on our schedule, on our terms, in our homes, in our free time.

Our members have collective singing experience spanning over 25 years. What many of us didn't have was a place to make music...until now.

What are we REALLY doing here?

With the advances in recording technology, it has never been easier (or less costly) to make studio recordings, and it no longer requires the whole group to be in the same room. This allows us to pursue the idea of being a virtual vocal band.

Specifically, each project lead will take an arrangement, break it up into its component parts, and spread it out to the team to learn and record in their homes. Our members record their part(s) using sheet music, recorded practice tracks, a small amount of equipment, and some software, and send those recordings back to the engineer who takes each of the parts to create a recording greater than the sum of said parts.

If you’re familiar with Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir projects, or a few of the songs that Mike Tompkins has done, you’ll see the idea in execution. We’re just doing it at a smaller scale, with a more targeted group of participants, and with more regularity.

Who Aren't We?

Poor grammar aside, we want to be clear:

This is not run by paid professionals. None of us sing or record for a living. We are admitted, proud amateurs.

We have no grand plans of eventually transitioning into a regular live performing group.

We have no interest in profiting from this endeavor. None of us. (We do hope to raise funds to cover our expenses, but no one has any intention of ever making a dime off of this.)

Although we would be thrilled if we produced something that goes viral, that’s not the goal either.

We’re here to make music to the best of our ability, doing something that we love to do, and hopefully making some new friends worldwide in the process of creating art that we’re proud to share with others. If singing contemporary a cappella with others is something that you miss, we want to help you feel the joy and thrill of making music with your friends again.

If that sounds intriguing to you, come sing with us!